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Friends and family gave me the incentive to share my art, so here I am. I am usually not around for forum stuff but I do appreciate criticism and feedback.
Some of my uploads are of old art that I keep around for archival purposes.

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Posted by CS02 - 3 weeks ago


Happy holidays. Here is a two for one Christmas gift.

First of all, the final character to be added is the first boss, the reason is because she is the reason why NGD even exists. I was holding back on her until now and after a long year she is finally here.

Second, I moved all NGD related art to a new playlist. There is already plenty of material that sets it apart from other Touhou art.

FInally, I added a main hub where I will be updating links, a FAQ, a synopsis of the main plot and other goodies. I highly recommend looking into it.

As this will be my final update this year, I am deeply thankful for all of you who have been following this series. The next year holds tons of new material I wish to work with. Thank you for everything, and have a good new year.


Posted by CS02 - December 9th, 2021

iu_492548_9076412.pngThe stage 5 boss is out, I apologize for the delays.

One boss left, time surely flies. Why did I save the first boss for last? Is there anything special about her? That and several other questions will be answered in the future. The next goal is to finish this first boss, them reveal the next plan I have for NGD.


Posted by CS02 - December 4th, 2021

iu_488300_9076412.pngThe original goal was to release a new boss entry by the end of November. I will be pushing the schedule further into December and delaying NGD related projects due to real life demands. In other words, the next boss will come later

The goal is still to release the last two before the end of the year however.


Posted by CS02 - November 19th, 2021


A fun little thing I will do once a month from this point forward. Giving attention to cool video game characters that don't get discussed that much.


Posted by CS02 - October 20th, 2021


As I promised a long time ago, the stage 3 boss has been finished. Only two more bosses left and they are both very important too. In fact, one of them is the reason why all of this even started. But that's something for the future.

Also, here is a little fun fact about Saci PererĂª. The national day dedicated to celebrating him is October 31, same as Halloween. It was a funny coincidence that Aiyra would be finished in this particular month.


Posted by CS02 - October 8th, 2021


While I was on an unexpected break I was still working on the remaining three bosses. At this point all three of them already have their designs finalized so the next step will be to simply draw them like all the others.

As usual, I will be working on side projects in between, my current goal is to release all three bosses before the end of the year.